Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1
Hair Dryer 4 in 1

Hair Dryer 4 in 1

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In innovative dual-ion outlet design, tens of millions of blue high-concentration negative ions strongly penetrate the hair to close the hairline, strong and lock water, gentle hair care, and make hair natural and supple.

Short, long, or curly hair is no problem 

The different attachments allow for adapting optimally to different hair types and mastering every challenge.

The innovative blue light effect 

The blue light spoils your hair with millions of negatively charged ions (anions). This naturally strengthens your hair and makes it shiny. 

Anions as a powerhouse for your hair!

The hair enjoys a revitalizing and strengthening treatment while drying and styling!

Wellness care

The rough surface of the hair is literally polished and smoothed by the anions rolling off. The hair is additionally cared for by promoting a natural collagen film, which strengthens the hair and makes it look shiny and young.

Anti-frizz effect 

Due to the nourishing effect of the anions, the hair becomes healthier during daily use and the frizz in the hair disappears over time!

ideal for home and travel

you have a concentrated load of innovative technology to take with you! The 4-in-1 hair dryer is ideal for taking along for styling when traveling. just fits into a small handbag and you're ready for emergency styling on the go!

Little World Champion

Despite the compact size, you can count on top performance here. works with 800 watts to a maximum of 2000 watts of power. Despite its small size, it is in no way inferior to the big competition.

Simply Clever - learn how to use it easily

As simple as it is simple, has been completely thought through and the optimal operation worked out. With the selector switch, you can control as you wish in 4 simple steps.